OstroVit Pure Leucine 200 grams


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As a supplement that will perfectly prove to be a stimulant for muscle fiber growth and ensure the full flow of anabolic processes, we recommend Pure Leucine (200 g) from OstroVit, this product is the purest complex based on leucine, and is an example of a fast-acting formula for increasing mass and muscle volume.

A positive nitrogen balance is the most important condition for the effectiveness of training for any athlete, it is this supplement, due to the concentrated formula of the substance, that can quickly normalize this indicator and provoke healthy muscle growth as soon as possible, as well as an increase in the contractility of fibers.

In addition, this complex has a great effect on protein synthesis, effectively suppresses catabolism and significantly increases the body's energy reserves for more intense workouts in the gym.

In the process of working on their body, bodybuilders pay special attention to amino acid complexes, and OstroVit's leucine is the ideal solution for nourishing muscle tissue with one of the most effective amino acids in terms of gaining mass.


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