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The Powerbag is a highly practical fitness equipment ideal for strength, cardio and high intensity workouts and is a welcome addition to any home gym. Sand-filled and PVC-coated, this round bag will help you train your whole body. The durable PVC coating ensures the integrity of the bag so you don't have to worry about spilling sand. Thanks to two different types of handles, it is very versatile and allows you to manipulate it without any restrictions. The handles are made from durable polyurethane, making them resistant to rough handling during intense workouts.

At home, the Powerbag can partially replace a light weight barbell, as it can be used to increase squat resistance, as well as to perform deadlifts, cleans, presses, and deadlifts. You can either hold it in your arms or place it on your back, supporting it with your hands using the handles if you wish. The bag will stay in place even when doing intense exercises like jumping squats. It comes in two weights 10 and 20 kg. Both options are the same size, its diameter is 20 cm and its length is about 50 cm.


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