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The WoodWork Balance Board is a fitness accessory made from quality and durable wood. Most of the balance board is a flat round plate. In the middle of the lower part is a rounded base that allows you to balance on the board. When someone tries to balance on the board by shifting the weight, it improves coordination and balance. In addition, this method of exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the deep stabilization system and other muscle groups. Thus, it can ideally serve as a rehabilitation aid. In addition, the acquired skills can be used in many other sports, such as skateboarding or surfing.

The WoodWork Balance Board weighs 1800 g and measures 39.5 x 1.5 cm. This makes it very compact and portable. If you also want to exercise at home to stay in shape, then this definitely should not be missing from your equipment. The board can be used for training by men, women and children.


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