Pre-workout complex Sponser Energy Plus price per pack (15×40 g)


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Every person in his life faced with the problem of lack of energy. It may be lacking, both during physical and mental stress. There are very few sources of additional energy that can be found in food, while they are ineffective, and their effect lasts only for a short time period. With this in mind, special products have been created that contain the right amount of additional energy.

Energy plus from "Sponser" – a tool that increases concentration and speed of thought processes, as well as accelerate fat metabolism and increase muscle contraction. Therefore, this product is suitable for both athletes and people who are not related to sports. This energy drink has a neutral taste, and it consists of caffeine, taurine, inositol and a small amount of vitamins that assimilate energy. Despite the powerful energy impact, this product has a low calorie content and provides a uniform energy output by accelerating the absorption of sugar and carbohydrate metabolism. Adding to this the action of caffeine and taurine, we get a perfectly balanced product that will give you energy for several hours. It is recommended to take one packet 20 minutes before exercise with plenty of liquid.


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