Pre-workout complex Trec Nutrition Herbal Energy 120 cap


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For athletes, athletes and people who simply need an extra amount of energy, the herbal Energy product has been created. Due to the balanced ratio of the elements that make up its composition, the product has a powerful energy effect, both in physiological and mental aspects. Herbal Energy will be the best assistant that will give you strength at the right time for all sorts of activities.

Moreover, herbal Energy is created on the basis of a complex of natural herbs, which are carefully selected and have a great activating property. Basically, this property is carried out with the help of a combination and concentration of guarana extract, as well as American and Korean ginsengs. It is thanks to them that you are guaranteed a high quality of stimulation of the brain and nervous system, support for the body during high physical and mental stress. After use, you are guaranteed to improve concentration, slow down the appearance of fatigue and the occurrence of a strong energy effect. This product allows you to enhance the body's ability to adapt, which will increase the time of training, as well as its effectiveness. It is recommended to use two tablets of the product twice a day, before the morning meal and half an hour before training. Herbal Energy should be taken with 300 milliliters of water.


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