Puritans Pride Spirulina Specialty Supplement 500 mg – 200 Tablets


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Spirulina is a green algae that has all the necessary qualities to saturate the body with energy and useful components.

Key Benefits of Taking a Spirulina Supplement: A large number of studies on this component have proven the positive effects of taking a supplement. At the same time, studies of its properties are still being carried out, and new types of effects on the body are being discovered. Here is some of them.

  • Loaded with antioxidants. Various negative processes can significantly affect health. Until the onset of serious diseases. Antioxidants reduce the level of oxidizing processes, which prevents the destructive effect. The main component secreted by this plant is phycocyanin. It starts the process of fighting various particles that are responsible for the formation of inflammatory processes. Therefore, we can say with confidence about the good anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Reducing cholesterol levels. Heart disease is the most common cause of death worldwide. Algae helps to lower cholesterol levels, which significantly improves the functioning of the heart muscle and blood vessels. In ongoing studies, it has been proven that after taking the supplement, survey data began to show better results.
  • Anticancer properties. Research in this area has only been done on animals. However, already at these stages, it has been proven that the spread of cancer cells and the size of tumors are reduced after taking this supplement. A human test group was assembled in India to study the reduction of oral cancers.When taking one gram of spirulina per day, 45 percent of 87 people completely disappeared formations. However, after stopping treatment, half of this group began to show signs of cancer again.
  • Decreased blood pressure. Since this problem causes diseases such as stroke, heart attack, heart attacks and kidney disease, the researchers decided to observe the effect of spirulina on this process. It was found that 1 gram of the supplement is not effective in the fight. The amount equal to 4.5 grams was selected by the selection method. This is due to the fact that nitric oxide is released, which simplifies the process of expansion and narrowing of blood vessels.
  • Reduces manifestations of allergic reactions to the sinuses. Allergic rhinitis is the most common form of the body's reaction to irritants. It can be caused by dust, pollen, hair, or other types of allergens. Algae allows you to reduce this manifestation, while not having a hypnotic effect. When taking 2 grams of the component, the level of itching, runny nose and sneezing is reduced.
  • dietary effect. Spirulina for weight loss is an effective method to increase the feeling of satiety. Since it is high in protein, taking this supplement 30 minutes before a meal may require less food to saturate your body.

In addition, due to the large number of beneficial micro and macro elements contained, this supplement improves hair quality. Also, spirulina for the face can reduce the level of inflammatory processes in the form of acne or pimples.


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