Rocktape H2O 5m x 5cm


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For anyone who enjoys water sports (surfing, water skiing, swimming, etc.) and wants to safely train even in the most difficult conditions, RockTape offers to buy Rocktape H2O 5m x 5cm, which was manufactured with extra-tackiness in mind for to ensure that the fixed areas remain under protection for as long as possible.
Thanks to hypoallergenic glue, such a tape will securely fix the injured ankle, firmly grip the hand or lumbar, relieve muscle tension and give a sense of confidence during performances, competitions and training.
Tape will help reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, which makes such an accessory not only preventive, but also therapeutic. Injury healing will proceed faster, and you will be able to return to duty almost immediately.
This is a godsend not only for athletes, since the tape will help to heal household injuries faster, without fear for the integrity of the tape due to the high quality and elasticity of Rocktape H2O.
Recommendations: Before use, you should get rid of the hair in the damaged area in advance. Do not get carried away with tightening the ends of the tape.


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