SAN Tight Xtreme Reloaded 120 caps


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And here comes the summer! So, it's time to get your swimwear, swimming trunks, light dresses, T-shirts and go to the beach. Unfortunately, few people can dare to do this after a long winter full of holidays with tables breaking from food and after ten hours on the couch or at the computer in the company of not the most healthy food.

If you are ready to seriously fight for your summer plans with a refrigerator and your own laziness, Tight capsules! Xtreme Reloaded is your closest companion. Capsules are an improved version of Tight!, which has already proven itself in the fat burner market. The updated formula affects weight loss in four stages, helping you burn more calories with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Also, as a bonus to the main effect, one can name a good mood, quick recovery and a decrease in appetite without loss of efficiency in sports.


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