Scitec Nutrition Hot blood hardcore pre-workout – 375g


Scitec Nutrition Hot Blood Hardcore – is a pre-workout complex, consisting of a concentrated composition of creatine, caffeine, amino acids, vitamins and plant extracts, specially designed to increase the intensity, power and muscle resistance during training.

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Hot Blood Hardcore is an improved version of the traditional Scitec Nutrition Hot Blood with a list of advanced ingredients such as Nootropics, Electrolyte Matrices, and Boost, Immun Complex.

Hot Blood Hardcore is a pre-workout formula designed to improve our performance during training for better results. Thanks to its energetic formula, we can achieve maximum cellular and muscle growth, in addition to increased strength, energy and mental focus.

Unlike other pre-workouts of the same type, Hot Blood Hardcore has beta-alanine to significantly increase the number of muscle fibers in our muscles by reducing muscle fatigue and increasing performance and regeneration.

Hot Blood Hardcore contains 4 matrices: creatine matrix, amino acid matrix and nitric oxide stimulants, multi-mámárin "hot blood" (beta-alanine, L-carnitine and caffeine among others) and an antioxidant matrix to neutralize all free radicals that appear during training and protect them from damage.

With this combination of substances, we will increase the nitric oxide in our body, improving blood circulation and the supply of nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout the body.

Hot Blood Hardcore also contains Bioperine, an ingredient that will improve the ability to absorb active ingredients so that the product has maximum effectiveness.

And finally, to emphasize that its quality does not end in its high efficiency. In its manufacture, every detail has been studied in order to obtain a product in 10 delicious flavors.


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