Sponser Liquid Energy BCAA 20×70 grams


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Liquid Energy BCAA is a leading energy complex from the well-known manufacturer of sports and dietary nutrition Sponser. It is produced in the form of a gel, so when consumed, it begins to be absorbed by the body already in the oral cavity. Convenient to store and use. The composition of Liquid Energy BCAA includes a complex of complex amino acids BCAA. BCAA is the main assistant of people who experience high physical exertion. Amino acids are fuel for muscle fibers, improve their physical performance, and also contribute to the rapid recovery of the body after sports training. BCAA affects the central nervous system, reduces overall fatigue. Liquid Energy BCAA also includes fructose and glucose, taurine, sodium and potassium. How to use: drink 1 tube in equal parts during a two-hour workout, drink a little water. One pack of Liquid Energy BCAA contains 20 servings of gel.


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