Universal Nutrition Easy to Swallow Fat Burners 55 tabs


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Universal Nutrition Fat Burners 55 Tablets:

Universal Nutrition Fat Burner is a lipotropic and metabolic complex containing over 10 nutrients designed to reach your goals naturally. Fat burners can help your body release stored fat, which is then transported to the cells' mitochondria, where it can be burned for energy. It also comes in a smaller, easier to swallow size. This versatile, easy-to-take fat-burning supplement significantly reduces fluctuations in energy levels associated with alert eating. Over 10 nutrients like chromium picolinate, choline complex, carnitine complex and inositol are packed together to shed unwanted fat and preserve lean muscle mass. These nutrients are also advertised to reduce your sugar cravings, which can control your appetite and help your body maintain proper blood sugar levels.

Advantages of the universal fat burner:

  • Contains over 10 fat-reducing nutrients
  • Helps control appetite
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Ephedra Free / Stimulant Free


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