Universal Nutrition Shaker Universal Nutrition Shaker 700 ml


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The all-new Universal Shaker Cup has been completely redesigned from the ground up. With a patented design, this shaker is sleeker, stronger and more reliable than the previous model. The biggest improvement is the updated lid. Instead of a one-piece lid, the new shaker features a color-matched two-piece lid with a unique hinge for exceptional durability. No more worrying about the flip cover coming off. Another change is happening inside. Instead of a mesh screen that breaks up the powder, the new shaker has 8 "paddles" that effectively and efficiently disperse the powder in liquids. Best of all, this item is much easier to clean thanks to its simpler design. The new shaker also features a new design. On the one hand, the classic Universal logo, and on the other, the iconic "red bodybuilder". Finally, the shaker is labeled to dispense 700 ml (in 50 ml increments). This shaker is dishwasher safe.


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