Whey protein Dymatize ISO 100 700 g


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ISO 100 from Dymatize is an example of the high quality and biopotential of protein products. The product contains: enhanced composition of BCAA branched-chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine), maximized proportions of glutamine and taurine, which increase the bio-characteristics of the product.

ISO 100 achieved by medically precise balancing of a protein blend delivering the highest amount of protein in whey form! At the same time, its content reaches 90%!!!
The preparation is lactose-free, and this contributes to the absorption and increase in the level of protein synthesis, lowering the risk of not assimilating the product as low as possible. This is doubly important during stressful intense training, when nitrogen saturation is essential.

ISO 100 is carb-free, which is good for those on a diet. ISO 100 also contains lysphosphatidylcholine (LPC) to help the digestive system raise its natural levels of protein synthesis.


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