Whey protein EXTRIFIT Hydro 90 – 2000 g


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Hydro Isolate 90 unique before wasting 90% protein isolate, no sugar and no fat. No thickeners, no dyes! Simply hydrolyzed isolate 90%! Instant (soluble) enzymatically hydrolyzed 90% whey protein isolate with a degree of hydrolysis of DH 8, which, depending on taste, contains from 90 to 94 g of ultra-fast digestible amino acids in every 100 g of product! The advantage of enzymatically hydrolyzed isolates is also the presence of individual nutrients – almost no carbohydrates and fats, which is a significant difference compared to whey hydrolyzate concentrate, so it is more suitable for unloading and reduction diets. Hydro Isolate 90 is the ideal protein supplement designed for the most demanding users. This high-quality protein source promotes muscle growth and maintenance in situations where it is threatened by catabolism.

Proteins perform key functions in all cells of the body. They form muscle fibers, blood plasma, enzymes, hormones and other leukocytes. Processes include building muscle after transporting minerals and vitamins in the body. To ensure all the general functions necessary for the growth and formation of body tissues, it is necessary that 10-15 total calories consumed come from proteins (proteins). It should be emphasized that in the absence of protein (proteins) in the body, degradation of its own proteins (proteins) occurs and, as a result, loss of muscle mass.


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