Whey protein EXTRIFIT Protein Caffe Isolate 90 – 1000g


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Protein Caffe Isolate 90 – an excellent assistant for stimulating the body, as well as for building and maintaining muscle mass. The drink has amazing nutritional value!

Each dose contains:

  • protein: 25 g
  • sugar: 0 g
  • fat: 0 g
  • coffee with 2% natural caffeine content:
  • 3.13 g (coffee content in the product 10%!)
  • natural caffeine from coffee: 62.6 mg
  • added caffeine: 37.4 mg
  • total caffeine: 100 mg
  • BCAAs: 5452 mg!
  • amino acids: 24474 mg

Protein Caffé Isolate 90 contains 100% coffee + 90% CFM protein isolate + caffeine and a small amount of sweetener. And it's all! No additives, no flavors, just nothing to add unwanted fat or sugar.

As the protein component of Protein Caffé Isolate 90, we have chosen an extremely high quality 90% CFM whey isolate with a very high BCAA content and excellent digestibility. We have paid special attention to the selection of high quality instant coffee with 2% natural caffeine content and delicious taste. Coffee is present in the Protein Caffé Isolate 90 product in a very large amount, namely 10%.

Coffee contains natural caffeine. Caffeine is a substance that acts as an energy drink. It stimulates the central nervous system, and because of this, you are better prepared for both mental and physical work. However, regular coffee does not contain the amount of caffeine needed for really noticeable stimulation in advanced athletes or bodybuilders.That's why we've added just the right amount of caffeine to the coffee contained in Protein Caffé Isolate 90 to bring the total amount of caffeine in the product to 100 mg per serving.

We fully disclose the composition of the product to the smallest detail. We do not hide anything, and you know exactly what you are drinking. This is absolutely essential in a diet where you count every gram of food.

Protein Coffee Isolate 90:

  • is an extremely suitable first drink of the day
  • wakes you up and at the same time supplies you with 25g
  • absolutely pure and easily digestible protein from
  • 90% whey isolate CFM
  • the perfect stimulating protein any time of the day
  • Incredibly delicious, frothy coffee-protein drink!
  • sugarless
  • without fat

You'll love Protein Caffé Isolate 90. It's a real treat with a frothy texture and frappe flavor. And it is completely dietary and at the same time saturated with proteins and BCAAs. Preparing a drink is extremely simple. Pour the contents of the sachet (or measuring cup) into 200 ml of water and stir. The longer you shake, the thicker the foam that the drink will create. Preparation takes only a few seconds. For the perfect refreshment, for example during the heat of summer, we recommend mixing the drink with a few ice cubes.

No further description needed… try it and you'll find out for yourself. An ingenious sugar-free, fat-free drink with 100 mg of caffeine, excellent real coffee and 25 grams of protein!



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