Whey protein NUTREND Hydro Whey 800 grams


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Whey protein isolate is considered the best source of protein in terms of both perfect absorption and ease of use. When this type of protein goes through partial fermentation hydrolysis, a unique quality product is created for muscle recovery after any kind of complex physical activity, and mainly for the necessary muscle growth. This natural whey protein isolate is the main ingredient in Hydro Whey, the newest of NUTREND's high protein products.

Hydro Whey is enriched with:

-ToleraseL is a food enzyme, which is an acidic form of lactose, which contributes to the normal processing of free lactose in the stomach, even in people suffering from lactose intolerance.

-Chromium, which contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and helps maintain normal blood glucose levels.

-Vitamin B3 helps reduce fatigue, promotes normal energy metabolism.

First of all, Hydro Whey is Hydrovon's superior branded hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, which, thanks to gentle hydrolysis, does not lose its biological value, and enhances it with a large spectrum of amino acids.

Hydro Whey is highly digestible and satisfies the needs of all athletes, both amateur and professional in any direction. Anyone looking for a #1 high-digestible protein product can get what they want with Hydro Whey.


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