Whey protein Olimp Labs Pro Whey Shake 700 grams


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The developers of Pro Whey Shake were able to view the human body and all of its amino acid uptake mechanisms in completely different states. The main task of scientists was to create such a protein that could nourish the body of an athlete not only immediately after consumption, but also for a long time after that. The action of Pro Whey Shake begins after 20 minutes after ingestion. The new formula extends its action for several hours in a row! The moment of proportion during the development played one of the key roles. From a pleasant taste, thick, creamy consistency, you will not get tired even after a month! To prepare a serving for the reception, only one scoop (35 grams) will be enough. Up to three doses per day are sufficient to maintain activity, strength and fullness of your muscles. Consider your weight and height when calculating the dosage.


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