Whey protein Olimp Labs Protein Shot (orange) – 1×60 ml


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Protein when you need it? There is no limit for Olimp Sport Nutrition! This is a delicious protein shot containing the solid portion of highly digestible protein, which is an excellent source of collagen, the building block of joints and skin.

Olimp Protein Shot is a blend of high quality collagen and hydrolyzed whey protein. The product is designed for physically active people, amateurs and professional athletes with an increased demand for highly digestible protein.

With a convenient, easy-to-use package (60 ml ampoule) and a solid serving of protein, the drink is the perfect choice after training, sports or while traveling. There is no need to carry around a measured amount of a protein supplement to be mixed with water. Don't waste your time! Grab a small ampoule of great tasting, ready-to-drink protein!

Each ampoule contains up to 20g of protein, a key ingredient in our daily diet that promotes muscle growth and maintenance. Scientists at the Olimp Research Center used a special form of hydrolyzed whey protein and high quality collagen with excellent absorption. In addition, this product has only 77 kcal (1 ampoule) and does not contain sugar and fat! Protein shots can be used by people who want to lose weight, supplement their diet with protein, and also maintain the muscle mass they have been working on so far.

Olimp Protein Shot is:

  • ready-to-eat, easy-to-use product that helps supplement the diet with highly digestible protein and collagen,
  • a solid serving of protein to help you grow and maintain muscle mass,
  • delicious protein shot, perfect for any time of the day, after workout, sports or on the go,
  • a small convenient ampoule that you can carry with you,
  • easy to drink drink that does not need to be stored in the refrigerator,
  • product without sugar and fat,
  • no more than 77 kcal per serving.


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