Whey protein POWER PRO Cube Whey Protein 1000 grams


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CUBE from TM POWER PRO it is a high-quality protein complex that has a tremendous effect on the body, including during the drying period of muscles. The cube is the ideal solution for athletes who are trying to burn excess fat reserves after increasing muscle volume. The composition of the supplement is selected as accurately and balanced as possible, so you get great benefits and a visible result: Carnitine helps to get rid of extra pounds and form muscle tissue, Nutriose (corn extract) controls appetite, does not allow you to overeat. Favorably affects the gastrointestinal tract. Bromelain helps the body cleanse itself of toxins and toxins. Hoodia reliably blocks the center of hunger, allowing you to consume a much smaller amount of food. Yohimbine has the beneficial property of converting excess calories into heat, increases concentration and gives you the opportunity to train even longer, even more efficiently. Also, this component favorably affects the quality of sexual life.

These and other ingredients of the complex work for the benefit of your ideal body. At the same time, the POWER PRO Cube protein normalizes mood, promotes high mental activity, and protects the body from everyday stress. In addition, the additive has a good taste. Hurry up to buy POWER PRO CUBE 1000 d. It's so easy to be a winner!


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