Whey protein POWER PRO Mix Fight Protein 1000 grams


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In front of you is an advanced whey protein formula, supplemented with amino acids and probiotics for maximum energy recovery, recovery and complete assimilation of the shake. The composition of the presented protein also includes plant extracts that have a strong resistance to the production of lactic acid, thereby reducing the likelihood of fatigue and post-workout soreness. Buy Mix Fight Protein (1000 grams) from POWER PRO is not only to fill the anabolic window, but also to protect the joints from the main threats in bodybuilding. It is an excellent option for the main protein supplement during the cutting process, as well as an ideal addition to the diet during intense aerobic exercise. For a bodybuilder, such a cocktail will be an ideal source of strength and energy before training, help to establish metabolism, allow you to train even longer and more actively, take care of heart health, and also give a positive attitude and maximum concentration to achieve your goal. Arginine in the composition of this protein is the maximum recovery and rapid healing of injuries, and L-carnitine, in turn, will help overcome body fat, which are the main obstacle to the ideal relief.


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