Amino acid VPLab Amino Pro 9000 Beef Pro Hydrolys 300 tab


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All athletes know that extra protein is needed after a rigorous workout. Amino Pro 9000 is the perfect post-workout supplement to start building muscle and get bigger and stronger. Amino Pro 9000 is a powerful protein that is also easy to digest so you can recover quickly and get back in the game. What is so special about Amino Pro 9000? Well, it allows you to get all the benefits of meat protein without the disadvantages of meat. Whole meats are high in fat and have a relatively slow absorption rate, but Amino Pro contains hydrolyzed beef protein, which is fat-free and easily and quickly absorbed by the body. Amino Pro 9000 also contains whey protein hydrolysate, which is also fast digesting. Beef and whey proteins are the best proteins for your muscles to heal and grow. When you put them together, you have a powerful Amino Pro 9000 powder. Amino Pro 9000 contains a complete amino acid complex, meaning you get all the amino acids you need to support your body after a workout. You don't have to worry about amino acid deficiencies. Amino Pro 9000 has been designed to provide comprehensive muscle tissue support so you can quickly recover and get back to work.


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