BCAA BSN Amino X 1.01 kg


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Over the years, BSN has brought many new muscle-building products to the sports supplement world. In search of bringing exciting and innovative products to market, we have developed the latest supplement, BSN's long-awaited breakthrough in the BCAA amino acid market with AMINOx – the first effervescent BCAA Endurance & Recovery Agent.

Amino X BSN – effervescent BCAA powder for muscle recovery and rapid gain of lean muscle mass, as well as increasing endurance in training. Amino X BSN (Amino X BSN) is a novelty in the sports nutrition market, which has no analogues. As a rule, BCAA amino acids are produced in tablets or capsules, and AminoX BSN are produced in powder form, which dissolves well in water and is quickly absorbed by the body.


What is the effect of Amino X?

  • Provides accelerated protein production in muscle tissue
  • Increases insulin sensitivity
  • Promotes rapid muscle recovery
  • Accelerates the production of muscle glycogen and promotes its accumulation
  • Has an anti-catabolic effect
  • Increases endurance, reduces fatigue


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