BCAA, Glutamine OstroVit BCAA + L-Glutamine 200 grams


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BCAA + L-Glutamine from OstroVit can rightfully be considered the first unique formula for combining BCAA amino acids and glutamine, which is one of the restorative amino acids. Such a successful synthesis will allow athletes who take this product to accelerate the process of building muscle tissue and at the same time not deplete their own body and balance intensity with performance. It is the work of BCAA amino acids that are part of this product that does not allow the body to receive energy potential from muscles during training. They go through the process of metabolism already in the muscles themselves and themselves act as a source of this energy, thereby freeing muscle tissue from this, which gives it the potential to grow without any kind of loss and reverse action. And L-glutamine, in turn, is a very important amino acid, which can overcome the process of blood-brain resistance at a much better rate than all the others. Glutamine, in addition, is an extremely significant element in the formation of proteins, and their role in the process of muscle growth is undeniable. Glutamine will be useful both in physical training exercises to increase muscle mass, and in their possible damage to relieve pain and restore joints. It is recommended to take twice daily.


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