BCAA Nosorog BCAA 2:1:1 (400 grams)


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Essential amino acids BCAA from NOSOROG are a storehouse of BCAA amino acids, they nourish the muscles, their increase is impossible without BCAA. RHINO provides the supply of L valine, L leucine, L isoleucine, which catalyze the synthesis of cells that make up muscle tissue. Amino acids are sources of energy. BCAA from NOSOROG transforms amino acids into energy as quickly as possible. The taste of this product is not inferior to well-known brands. BCAAs 2:1:1 maintain the anaerobic barrier, successfully develop muscle mass, and maintain insulin levels at an acceptable level. It is recommended to take after class 5 grams, stirring with water. By consuming RHINO after each workout, you ensure that your muscle cells are optimally nourished.


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