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Animal Nitro Delivers more nutrients to working muscles!
Amino acids are the basic building blocks of muscles. They can initiate anabolism and are the cornerstone for muscle growth. As an athlete, you need them, especially the right amino acids. Although there are over twenty different amino acids, only a few of them are absolutely indispensable for inducing anabolism, as the most recent research has shown. Not surprisingly, essential amino acids are those found in the protein of the human body.

Animal Nitro is the first and only supplement to contain the correct ratio of the amino acids that make up the protein in the human body.

The amino acid complex is appropriately called the Human Muscle Protein Complex (HMPC) and is only found in Animal Nitro. HMPC is made up of special "unbound" amino acids — those that exist without chemical bonds that would prevent maximum utilization.

Using only 100% unbound amino acids in HMPC, Animal Nitro delivers a precise amino dose that is targeted to enter the circulation via the original amino acid transport system.

Here's how it works. Each sachet contains 6,000 mg of unbound amino acids (HMPC). As soon as they enter the body, a special bolus (spherical mass) is formed, which allows them to effectively bypass the liver. This is critical because the liver "takes over" and breaks down the normal amino acids that are ingested in the protein powder and are then excreted in the urine.

Bypassing the liver, this bolus of unbound amino acids enters the circulation, where the amino acids reveal their powerful pharmacological actions – vasodilation and anabolism. When combined with training, Animal Nitro can really help your body deliver more nutrients to working muscles, recover faster, and build new muscle mass by improving protein synthesis and preventing muscle breakdown.

Gram for gram, nothing but the purest, most effective and powerful Animal Nitro. This is the gold standard for amino acids in supplement form!

The amount of nutrients in one serving (2 bags) of the product:

No other formula comes close to UNIVERSAL's Amino 1900 in power, bioefficacy and quality.

The content of nutrients in one serving (3 tab.) of the product:


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