Carbohydrates (Carbo) AllNutrition Carbo Multi Max 1000 grams


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The main advantage of Carbo Multi Max is the sequential splitting of complex carbohydrates, which allows the body to master them gradually and at different time intervals. Dextrose, which is present in the product, is absorbed almost instantly, and hydrolyzed corn starch is absorbed slowly and little by little. This guarantees athletes a constant flow of strength for a considerable time, regular restoration of energy reserves in the muscles. Carbo Multi Max increases glycogen levels, increases endurance, especially during hard and long training sessions, which leads to immediate growth of the muscular system.

Carbo Multi Max solves the problem of carbohydrate deficiency during intensive training and drying of the body. When the balance is broken and the athlete takes the maximum amount of protein, he needs a norm of carbohydrates, which are important for muscle growth, strength and endurance indicators. Carbo Multi Max will increase the level of concentration and energy potential of the athlete. After taking carbo, it improves the exponential characteristics of muscles, increases the concentration of glycogen in muscle fibers, which is responsible for volume and endurance.


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