Stark Pharm DMAA Pre-Workout 50mg – 60 Capsules


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This is a pre-workout capsule. The active substance of the product is geranium oil extract (DMAA – geranamine). In its action it is similar to caffeine, but it has positive differences: the action of DMAA is 900% more effective in increasing mental concentration, increasing endurance, regardless of the type of activity. The balanced formula of Stark DMAA Stark Pharm allows you to increase strength and speed-strength performance.

The use of dietary supplements in everyday life has several differences. DMAA is a monoamine neurotransmitter and neuromodulator containing one amino group. Increases efficiency and stimulates the work of the brain, due to which the results in the assigned tasks increase. This is due to the increased accumulation of dopamine and norepinephrine in the intersynaptic spaces. Unlike caffeine, DMAA does not cause toxicity, which means that the competent use of the stimulant does not have side effects.

Action of Stark DMAA Stark Pharm:

  • Central nervous system stimulator,
  • Increases performance, both physical and mental,
  • Increases mental concentration several times,
  • Destroys reserve stocks of fatty deposits,
  • Pronounced thermogenic effect.


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