Vegetable Protein MST Protein Vegan Mix – 510g


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MST Protein Isolate Vegan is a high quality product made from plant proteins.

The blend offers the perfect combination of sports nutrition quality, great taste and affordable value. Suitable for vegetarians, or just people who consume only vegetable protein.

Part MST Protein Isolate Vegan includes:

Rice protein – an excellent source of protein, vegetable origin, as well as a whole range of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. As part of a unique analogue of animal protein, it contains easily digestible starch, fiber, as well as mono and disaccharides.

Pea protein richer than other vegetable proteins in terms of protein content, which is the most important indicator for muscle growth, since after water, proteins are the second main component of the structure of muscle fibers. Pea protein contains a large amount of essential and non-essential amino acids.


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