Whey protein BioTech USA Iso Whey Zero Lactose Free 500 g


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Iso Whey ZERO is the purest microfiltered whey protein isolate (WPI) that can be made. Extremely high biological value, very high rate of digestion of proteins makes Iso Whey ZERO absolutely unique on the market. Ideal for athletes looking to build muscle quickly. When we say ZERO, it's actually ZERO Iso Whey ZERO really contains ZERO carbs, ZERO fat and ZERO sugar. There are no useless or hidden nutrients that can be stored as body fat. Only 22g of Pure Muscle-Building Protein in Each Serving. Plenty of BCAAs, L-Glutamine, EAAs Made from carefully selected protein sources, Iso Whey ZERO's amino acid profile is ideal for maximum muscle growth. They are high in BCAAs, EAAs (essential amino acids), and L-glutamine, the most important amino acids for muscle growth. Lactose Free Great for athletes who are lactose intolerant.


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