Whey protein OstroVit STANDARD WPC80.eu 900 g


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The advanced formula of a combination of whey protein and amino acids will take care of a quick, healthy set of muscle mass, increase strength, as well as create the right anabolic environment and help draw the long-awaited relief.

The OstroVit development team recommends purchasing WPC80.eu Instant to provide powerful protein nutrition to muscle fibers, prevent their breakdown, and effectively stimulate anabolism.

The new, improved whey protein formula is characterized by the highest biological value, the maximum concentration of the best type of protein, as well as excellent solubility and digestibility, in addition, the production process is supplemented with protein ultrafiltration, due to which the effectiveness of the presented supplement is increased several times.

This protein blend will be the best choice for rapid muscle growth and increased endurance, because. the composition of the supplement is also supplemented with a competent amino acid component, which is responsible for increasing the effectiveness of training and the most important athletic performance of an athlete.

The company's specialists have put all their knowledge and experience into the production process of the supplement in order to give everyone the opportunity to quickly and healthy gain muscle mass with the help of an improved whey protein formula!

With measuring spoon included.


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