Carbohydrates (Carbo) RealPharm Carbo one 1000 grams


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Carbo one is a sports drink that will help the body with the recovery process after training loads. It is isotonic, which contains a small content of salts and sugars, which are in a ratio similar to their ratio in the body of an individual. During training, the body experiences fluid loss, and salts dissolve in it. Carbo one will help replenish these losses, in addition, it will replenish glycogen stores. Thus, a continued product that should be used after training exercises will save you from the usual burning process of muscle tissue disappearance after training, in which it should increase and grow. Being absolutely harmless, this product will be useful for people who want to build muscle fibers and increase the muscle parameters of their body several times. Needless to say, the confidence that will appear in the recipient of Carbo one after the first noticeable positive changes, the appearance of which is immediate.


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