Whey Protein MyProtein IMPACT WHEY ISOLATE – 2.5 KG


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Whey protein isolate with 90% protein content. Protein MyProtein Whey Isolate contains a large amount of whey protein and is highly refined from fat, carbohydrates and sugar. Delicious shake that contains at least 33g of protein per serving, plus other ingredients specially selected to support your weight loss program.

What is Whey Protein Impact Diet?

Impact Diet Whey is a whey protein powder specially formulated to boost your protein levels1 without the extra carbs. We've also added extra glutamine, which is naturally found in protein and helps build and repair new muscle1, which is important when you're looking to tone up.

What's more, this protein shake is also great for vegetarians, so you can enjoy the benefits of Impact Diet Whey no matter your lifestyle.

What does Impact Diet Whey do?

Impact Diet Whey is an excellent source of protein that has been scientifically proven to promote muscle growth and maintenance1.


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